Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

While many preferred to utilize last-minute test reviews and tutors at my high school, I never wanted to rely on the strategies of other people. Since it was me who was taking the test, I wanted to use the strategies that would benefit me the most, and not those of another person. Because of this, I took advantage of the vast amount of practice tests and assignments given to me by my teacher.I initially took one practice test and based my progress of that,using small benchmarks as levels for improvement. For example, I would set small 2-3 point improvement short-term goals that would be done frequently in preparation for a long 20-30 point improvement that would become the end-goal. While it might seem strenuous and timely, it was the only way I could beat the difficulty of the test. It was additionally important for me to replicate the environment of the test day, so I would lock my self in a room for long period of time in order to properly take the test. Every time I took a test, I would sit down and analyze my results to figure out what I needed improvement on and how I could be more consistent. More importantly, this allowed me to fulfill most of my short-term goals which helped achieve the end-goal of a large improvement. While all of these strategies did attribute greatly to my success, the biggest tool was to work consistently. By no means do I have perfect work ethic, yet I realized that the only way changes could be made were my consistent effort. Tests are aimed at challenging knowledge acquired, and are not meant to put down a student due to a number at the top of the paper. This preparation has taught me that the effort inputted is directly proportional to the grade outputted. "Practice makes perfect" may sound silly, yet it is true. I am not going to lie: tests are boring and annoying to study for, and that's why it is best to study for them through your terms and what works for you, not that of anyone else. At the end of the day, isn't it your grade?

Rohan from Texas
High School Senior
Plano East Senior High