Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is key to a student’s success in any class and there are techniques that students have found to be effective. Personally, I like to start my test preparation as soon as I can. My personal test preparation techniques that seem to work well for myself consist of reading the material that I have for that class and re-write it on notebook paper, the more I can retain the knowledge from that given set of notes the less stress I will carry on test day. Using my sense of touch, and the physical motions of my hand when I continue to re-write notes helps me recall the information from notes. After I have studied the written out notes and have re-wrote them, I will make flashcards digitally on my smartphone to study throughout the day. I believe that digital flashcards are convenient because most students have a smartphone with them at all times, and they can use their phone to study anywhere. I use this technique for subjects such as science, reading, and history. As far as mathematical test preparation, I go over the equations that the instructor gives in the class as many times, until I can work it out on my own. I use digital flashcards to memorize mathematical formulas when needed in mathematical classes and on tests. Often many people say “how are you supposed to study for a mathematical tests?” and to answer that question there are numerous ways to study for a mathematical test. Students can find practice problems online or in their book, work them out, and check them with a mathematical calculator app or get help from a teacher, counselor, tutor, or classmate to check if they have worked the problem out correctly. After working these problems multiple times, an during the test the student should be able to recall the steps to get the answer. I believe after finding these techniques useful I can feel more confident on test day, and will have a higher chance at receiving a perfect score.

Jill from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Stilwell High School