Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of the best methods, I use to assist me in preparing for my tests or exams, would have to be applying what I learn from class to what is going on in my life and reading over definitions as if I was trying to remember a script of a play. At first, I was skeptical about applying terms to myself, mainly because there were already numerous examples associated with real-world situations in my course books. I thought those examples alone were enough to better my understanding of what I was learning, but I was wrong. The first time I decided to use this practice, was when I was in my Introduction to Psychology course. In this course, I had trouble understanding the terms that I was learning, and because of this, I received a C on my first exam. I knew I couldn't allow this mistake to reoccur. So, I decided to start applying these psychological terms to my actual life. And would you have guessed it, it worked. The next time I took an exam, I received an A. However, to apply what I've learned, I have to be familiar with the definitions of those terms. Hence why I read them 200 times till I can say their descriptions without thinking of them. Since I am an actor, I decided the best way to remember essential terms and their meanings is to look at them as if I was reading a play. I got this method from Anthony Hopkins, who reads his scripts 200 to 250 times to memorize his lines. Although this method is long and tedious, it does ensure the definitions of my terms become ingrained into my memory. All in all, my test preparation practices are beneficial because they helped me achieve complete success in my exams. Also, applying classical conditioning with my brother whom I conditioned to flinch to the ring of a doorbell after being repeatedly shot with rubber bands, was probably one the best ways to apply my knowledge.

Johnathan from California
College Sophomore
Palomar University