Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I'm preparing for a test, my first step is determining the material I do and don't understand so I'm not focusing on subjects I'm already comfortable with. Once I determine areas I'm not confident in, I look at previous notes I have. If there's a study guide along with the test, I usually do better because I know what material will be on the test and I know what to focus on. If a study guide is not provided, I use my classmates to go over material I don't understand or books that the class has access to. Tutoring with teachers also further helps prepare for tests, especially with the one on one time helps with questions that I can't get answered in a classroom setting. Trying to stay stressfree is also an important part of preparing for a test. If I feel under pressure, then I won't do as well. Listening to orchestral music usually helps me keep focused and relaxed so I can have a successful study session. Staying energized is also imperative while preparing for a test. Eating foods that help me stay refreshed and awake result in retaining more information for a test. Overall, taking care of your body before a test can help prepare. Getting an adequate amount of rest the night before can help me feel at ease about the test. Most importantly, I remind myself that I put in all the work I could and I should be proud of that whatever the outcome may be.

Aubrey from Georgia
High School Senior
North Cobb High School