Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way for me to learn is to learn it more than once in more than one way. Repetition is the best medicine to learn a topic, or sometimes for me, a piece of music. In class, I do not take notes, I instead absorb the content and do my best to participate in order to activate my visual and auditory learning. After class, I take notes from the powerpoints that the teacher puts online in order to activate my tactical learning. At this point, I have now seen the content twice in different mediums, and now I have the resources to look over my notes again at a later time. I use this same process for all of the lecture days, and before the test day, I rewrite my notes in an outline format with colored pens. I use colors because my brain attaches the colors to topics, and incites my memory during the test. So now, by test date, I have at least seen the content three times, and attached a way of remembering the content via colors.
Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is actually less efficient than doing one task at a time. This efficiency is due to how the brain activates its neurons. The human brain only activates between six and sixteen percent of all neurons at any one time because of how much energy it takes to activate more than that. As a result, multitasking divides up the amount of available energy to activate those neurons, completing both activity at a lesser efficiency and quality than if you were to complete one at a time. After learning this particular concept in anatomy, I started studying the way I mentioned above. Taking notes on the content, listening to the content, and participating in class all at the same time hinders the brain’s ability to take in as much information as it could if I did one at a time.
I developed my study habits over the past four years as both a student, a mentor, and a musician. Everyone learns differently, but I stress to everyone to find what works best for them. As long as you learn and you have fun doing it!

Sophia from Georgia
High School Senior
Mountain View High School