Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking can be scary! Some of my favorite ways to prepare are flash cards, quizlet (an online resource), gathering all of my past assignments to study from and study dates with friends!
Flash cards is a very typical way to study for a test but it helps me greatly. I like to write questions from old assignments and terms as well. Handwriting them helps me remember them better and allows me to focus on them more. I like to quiz myself with the cards and create two piles of ones that I know and ones that I don't know as well. Flash cards are handy because you are able to take them anywhere!
Quizlet is another great resource. This website has many ways to study including games, lists of terms, practice tests and flash cards. I like to use quizlet because it is a fun way to study and compete against your classmates. When you play the games, it creates a leader board among your classmates.
Gathering all of my past assignments is useful to me because it allows me to pull questions to study. This is effective because a lot of test questions come from our assignments and we don't even realize it! This is also a very good review.
Study dates with my friends is my favorite way to prepare for a test. It is way more fun to study when you're doing it with other people! This is almost a two in one because I get to hang out with my friends while working on my school work
Not only is studying for the test important but so is making sure you stay calm and relaxed. On the nights before big tests I like to take a nice bubble bath, wear my comfiest PJ's and make some hot tea. I know that there is no point in cramming the night before the test so I just try to chill. I then get 7-8 hours of sleep and have a good breakfast in the morning.
I also just try to keep a positive mindset and know that everything will be okay! After all, it is just a little test!

Shaylyn from Michigan
High School Senior
Marquette Senior High School