Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a textile learner, I prepare for tests and exams best when I am able to manipulate the material that I am being tested over with my hands. Performing miniature labs or simply working with the different aspects of things that I am learning have often been very helpful to me. For example, if I am learning about forces and momentum in physics, going out for a drive and talking myself through what types of forces and processes are taking place while driving helps me articulate what I am learning to myself. Another practice that works well for me is making flash cards. Quizlet is a great application to your phone or computer, however nothing beats good old fashion writing out your notes in order to study them. There has always been something about physically writing down the information in small chunks that allows the information to imprint in my brain and be easily recalled during the exam. While making these cards, I will often use different colors for different like terms so that when I think about it, I can see in my brain what color the word was and exactly where it was on the card. It is helpful to practice associating different words with colors to help remember them. The last part of my studying requires a white board. One of my teachers in high school taught me that if I could go up to a white board and teach an imaginary class about whatever I was studying, I knew it well enough to handle any question that the test would throw at me. I have been teaching to an imaginary class ever since. Talking out loud as well as physically writing out the words and concepts and maybe even a picture allows me to see if I really have a grasp on something or if I need to go back and review more before I take the test or quiz.
Studying strategies vary depending on what kind of test I am going to take as well as the subject areas. However, I have found that a combination of these practices will allow me to be successful in a variety of different subjects for many years.

Kailin from Ohio
College Freshman
Cornerstone University