Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My skills with being prepared with academic testing were taught to me through my training as a collegiate distant runner. First, I have to show up and at the track and classroom. When I have goal to reach a personal record with my running I will analyze the data from my run and identify areas that need to be tweaked to improve my performance and test preparation is no different. I must be able to look at the subject matter as a whole and identify the areas that I need to improve on. Then repetition and practice will help me to achieve my goal. Constant quizzing in a small group setting and utilizing an app gives me that competitive edge. Practicing allows me to perform with minimum risk, so when test day comes the fear and stress of making a mistake has been minimized. Hence, this allows me to perform at a higher level since I can comfortable recall my knowledge. I have been able to improve my skill sets of test preparation by surrounding myself by others that perform well and emulating their study practices. The more practice in taking a test the better I become with implementing my knowledge on a broader scale, which helps me to read between the lines with exam questions. Practicing systematically with an intent purpose will accomplish more than just going through the robotic motion of practicing strictly through memorizing. To be able to perform physically in my sport I must allow time for my muscles to recover or I may not be able to perform. Studying is no different as the brain also needs recovery time, so I do not try to compete in a cram sessions before a test. Instead I do my best to organize my week that I have pockets of studying that includes down time in between. I have found benefits through meditation and visualization of my running for a race and the same has shown valuable to my preparation for test taking. Rather than going over notes right before my exam it more effective for me to quietly imagine my knowledge. Finally, being a distance runner you have to have perseverance and stamina to achieve the distance you practice and compete in, which provides me the ability to push through the hours of required studies to be prepared for a test.

Jacob from South Dakota
College Junior
University of South Carolina - Upstate