Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test taking is one of the most essential skills for students if they want to demonstrate their knowledge and growth to their teachers, so it's important to know how to do well on them. We all know people that understand the content perfectly fine but will struggle to score well on the tests because they don't prepare in the best ways, so let's try to avoid doing that.

One of the things I noticed about how I performed on tests was how engaged I was in the class. A lot of people will tell you that hard work and studying is how you will master class material, but to me studying is purely supplemental to what was gone over during class. I use studying to help me memorize and visualize concepts that I'm already familiar with to give me a deeper understanding of them. I have a harder time studying for something on my own without having someone else like my teacher introduce the concepts beforehand. When you don't pay attention in class, you have to learn something from scratch when you study rather than reviewing what you already know. Paying attention in class and getting that fundamental understanding of the unit will make studying easier, less stressful, and will help you get the best results on tests.

If I ever have trouble studying for something on my own I will turn to friends for help. Study buddies can be life-savers because they can explain concepts in a way that makes sense to me as a student. Sometimes teachers have a problem explaining things in ways that are totally clear, so having that classmate help out can be a great tool to develop your understanding.

When I study with a friend, we will either call each other and work from home, or we'll meet up at the library. Your studying environment is extremely important. Pick a place where you feel relaxed and focused. Choosing a place where you feel intimidated, distracted, or frustrated will only hinder your studying efforts. I will often listen to music as well because it keeps my mind clear and on task.

Alexander from Kentucky
High School Senior
duPont Manual HS