Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Many of the tests we take, especially in high school, are not an accurate portrayal of intelligence, they are simply a way to quantify preparation and dedication. It is then easy to assume that we are all capable of passing a test, capable of exiting any exam victorious.
With that out of the way, let me explain some of the tried and true methods to prepare for anything thrown at you.
Have this in mind: you cannot study for a subject if you do not completely understand it. Before moving on to the complicated subjects that will be on a test, make sure to review the basics so you don't get lost at first sight.
I consider myself an auditory and visual learner, but I do lean towards the auditory aspect. It may seem tangential but I promise it matters. I use it to my advantage, I make sure to key in on aspects of studying that relate to audio. If I'm studying for an English vocabulary test, I will repeat the vocabulary aloud until it's ingrained in my mind. This repetitive aspect of studying applies to all subjects! Speak it into existence.

To satisfy the more visual aspect of my memory, I write everything I need to remember down, multiple times if necessary, and I keep coming back to it, not forgetting it after one glance. It's super important to look over notes again - as soon as possible because so much information enters our brains that it's easy to forget!
The most successful way to prepare for an exam is to teach the material to someone else. Granted, one can only do this if the material is understood, but it is a perfect way to remember everything needed. Say I have a basic understanding of the material for my next math test, and I agree to tutor someone for the test. I will now have to explain the material in such a way that it'll make sense to someone who doesn't understand, and within that process, I'll learn more myself. Personally, this is my favorite way to study, considering I can help multiple people in the process. Group studying is productive AND fun!

Gabriela from California
High School Senior
CHAMPS Charter High School