Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There was a time I did not need to study- getting high grades came easily but only through staying attentive during class and taking notes. However, this changed when I began taking college classes as part of the Danbury Early College Opportunity Program. The classes challenged me to push myself beyond what I had been comfortable with, and in turn I developed greater testing strategies. I learned that it is best to study a little the same day one learns the subject, and build onto it throughout the semester instead of only studying intensively the days before a test- though that is a great way to refresh before one.
To be able to study, I pay attention in class. Not doing so is as if you are not present at all, therefore quality notes are necessary. I study from the notes I take, so I know it is necessary to know and is important instead of studying from the textbook which would take too long. This makes for superior time management, since there is more time for extracurricular and more studying for other classes. I verify any topics I’m unsure of, asking questions so I do not fall behind and catch up quickly if I do. Having good test preparation practices is critical for learning and high grades, and it is a necessary habit to build for college.

Francis from Connecticut
High School Senior
Danbury High School