Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The number one key to getting ready for texts is to start studying early. Studies have shown that our brains absorb more information if we review it at least once every day. In order to do this, I usually hand write flashcards containing all the most pertinent information that I think will be on the test. Hand writing notes has been scientifically linked to better retention of information. I like to write out my flashcards a week before the test using key notes from the books and information from study guides that my teacher might supply. My flashcards consist of a key term or a question on one side, with the definition or answer to the question on the other side. I like to use hand written flashcards instead of online cards because they are easier to use in my spare time. After I write my flashcards, I then go through them once or twice on the same day I wrote them. The next day I set aside at least ten minutes during which I can study them. During the next five days before the test, I keep my flashcards close at hand and pull them out whenever I have a few free minutes. If a flashcard proves particularly hard to remember the answer to, I either write out the information a couple times, re-read the teaching strip for that flashcard, or make up a clever rhyme to remember that information. Another helpful tip is to ask your teachers for memory tips. Because teachers teach the information so often, they usually have good tips to remember difficult information. After I have done all these tips, I use the day right before the test to re-read all my notes. This helps my short term memory retain any random information that I might need for the test. By the time I have used these study habits, I feel extra-prepared for the test, and I can go into it with confidence that I will do the best I can.

Emerald from Washington
High School Senior