Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I never had to study for anything. If I paid attention in class, took the right notes, and simply read through them five minutes before the test I always passed; however, as I started taking advanced placement and college courses in high school the story changed. The content was more complex and the amount of writing in my notebooks made it impossible to go through all of it right before the test. Through a Workplace Learning class I took my freshman year, I learned that everyone has a different style of learning, which helped me figure out the most efficient way for me to study. Since I am a visual learner, seeing things on paper and reading them over and over works for me. Rewriting notes is like engraving them into my memory. Rereading my notes in a span of a few days worked a lot better than reading them right before the test. These techniques helped me pass my AP Literature test, as well as my English 101 class I took at my community college. I adapted to the change in difficulty; my classes didn’t challenge me, and by taking harder courses I prepared myself for the higher education I’m seeking.

Alex from Connecticut
High School Senior
Danbury High School