Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing to take a test I always review topics and make songs or listen to songs about the topic. For example, when taking a history exam I review the notes first. After I have reviewed the notes I look for songs or videos about the topic. Nowadays there is a song or video about everything on the internet. Recently in my History of Americas class we did a unit on the American Revolution. For the exam we had to create an essay on an important individual during that time period ans write about what they did to make themselves important. For my essay, I chose Alexander Hamilton. While preparing to write my essay, I continuously listened to the Hamilton soundtrack. A key thing about music is the more you hear a song, the more you remember it. After hours of studying and listening, I took the exam and aced it! This strategy worked so well for me because it combined two of my favorite thing, history and music. I find certain parts of history very interesting and after this unit in my class, I feel in love Alexander Hamilton ans his philosophies. So i'm definitely a auditory and visual learner and studying with videos and music really helped me.

Juanita from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Rufus King High