Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am writing my essay today about a former classmate and friend of mine from high school, Hannah Baker. Hannah was very different than my other friends, and very different than I was in school. She has autism. Hannah, however, never seemed phased by the fact that she looked a little different or talked a little differently than we did. She never seemed phased that she thought a little differently than we did, either. In fact, when Hannah dedided she wanted to do something special, she did exactly that. One day, she decided she was going to be a clarinet player! Now, Hannah has problems with reading and focusing on the music notes, etc. HOWEVER, we soon discovered that she had a wonderful imagination and a perfect music memory. She could hear the pitch, feel the notes, and recreate the song after hearing it one time, and also tell an elaborate story line that would fit the style of the music! She loves the movie "Sing" and can tell you details of every character, for example. And after playing her music, she will sometimes turn and say things like, " I wonder what Mike would have thought of that?" or " Shall we get Rosita to help us out here?...I think SO". She did not play in the band as she was not able to read our music; however, our assistant director played music with her on his conference time. So one year, she actually learned enough music to perform a duet at the Christmas Concert. She performed to a full auditorium packed house and- she got a Standing Ovation! It was a magical night for Hannah! And for all of us too!
Now we have all moved on to college, jobs and the high school days are gone. Hannah still lives in Azle at home, but the good news is that she is still playing her clarinet. My mother is a music teacher and now she is so honored every Saturday to have Hannah come to her "empty nest" as she calls the house now that I'm away in school. Now Hannah and my mom serenade all the farm animals with the lovely music.

katherine from Texas
College Freshman
KD Conservatory