Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have found through my years of advanced classes and hours of work and rehearsal every day that learning how to prepare for tests when you have limited time is an essential part of getting through school. I am an auditory learner and finding resources available to help me learn is difficult. I have found that recording teachers' lectures so that I can listen while I go about my daily tasks means that I can study without sacrificing any of my work/rehearsal/other schoolwork time, and I can also learn in the best way for me. Being able to recognize your own learning style is of the utmost importance when it comes to preparing for tests because if you were to prepare in the wrong way you'll never be able to reach your full potential!
When it comes to taking tests - such as the ACT, AP exams, or any other standardized testing, the most important way to prepare is simply with repetition. I took the ACT six times, and prepared by taking countless practice tests specifically in the areas I found myself having the most difficulty with. If it proves anything, my ACT score is a 35, which means I must have been doing something right. Timing yourself with practice exams and being able to recognize the types of problems you'll be exposed to and the amount of time you have to complete each problem is the most important part of taking these tests. As well as this, my main test taking tip is to look for the least wrong answer, instead of the right answer. Sometimes, you just don't know the correct answer, and that's okay! But if you can disprove all of the answers but one, then that's the least likely to be wrong, so pick that one. This strategy will help you even when you don't really know the subject that you're testing on!
Always remember that everyone is different, so try everything to find your own test preparation strategies!

Abigail from Alabama
High School Senior
Arab High School