Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Memory is tantamount to the study method that one experiences. The greatest test preparation that I have includes my study method. I took Ap US history and Ap psychology, and I was assigned two textbooks for those classes. I found it very advantages to take notes during lectures, and write questions in the margins of my notes, I would also go home and highlight my notes and read them. In order to prepare for a test the next week, I would collect these lecture notes, along with my textbook notes and begin to study these notes.
Studying for an entire unit can be a bit daunting, but the best way to study is to make sure you space out your study time.
First, I would read my notes in one section, highlight those notes and create flashcards on the primary vocabulary words that I know I will encounter on the test. I create these notes in order to get familiar with the terms.
Second, I would go over my flashcards, quizlet is a very good website that you can use for flashcards, this website also utilizes the different ways of learning, by creating little quizzes and emphasizing the terms that you are not familiar with. I use this website to study almost all of the terms in my class, and in order to make sure I am prepared, I would take the quiz until I have mastered the terms.
Lastly, the best thing to do before a test, is to make sure you get enough rest, after your study sessions and before the test. neuroscientists have proven that taking short 10-30 minute power naps can help enhance memory; as the brain is always re-arranging and organizing information that has been processed through out the day. I find naps and adequate rest to be a very important part to studying and processing information. Mental health is the first thing to consider before and after studying, and once you practice and rest, you'll be healthy and prepared to take on any test.

YASMINE from Arizona
High School Senior
Northpoint academy