Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is time-consuming when you want to receive a good grade in a class, but my favorite part of getting ready for a test is studying for the test. With equal time you can turn a boring study session into a fun learning experience to enhance your learning. I have been in school many years to know what test preparation work and the ones that do not for me.
Enrolling in classes I received syllabus about the following; homework, exams, and quizzes I will have for the academic year or semester. My typical setting to study is a well-lit room with a comfy chair and a desk. At the beginning of the school year, I would start by buying a new planner writing dues dates down. I would also buy notebooks and taking efficient notes on the topic so when the test comes around I have notes I can look off of. Getting a tutor helps if I did not understand the content or just needed a little extra help. This is useful when getting ready for a test because I can converse with an individual who knows the topic well. Going to see my teachers is a big help because it lets me know what to study for and to retrieve information by thinking smarter not harder.
When the test date starts to approach I would use flashcards to quiz myself and have my friends help me. I would create study sessions with other people who are in my class, therefore, we could both gain each other's knowledge. I would color code to help detail my notes or cards because it helps me remember information if I can match it to a color. When studying I always refer back to the book to have a clear understanding of the information. When I study I set time increments to not feel overwhelmed with information and relax to obtain what I learned. I would look on the internet for a practice test to further my test-taking skills.
Test taking is not the most fun thing to do but you can make it fun in your own unique way and it is very effective so you know you understood the content well.

Brianna from Illinois
College Freshman
Iowa State University