Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparation is key to complete any task at hand. That goes with anything in life, especially with school work. Tests can sometimes be very hard and tiresome to study for, but with proper test preparation skills studying can be made easy. Everyone has their own unique style when preparing for a test. The first type of studying I do is after each new lesson I review what my class went over at home. That allows me to fully retain the new information. When it comes to preparing near the test date whether it is for math, english, or science I make sure to give myself ample time before the test to review. Usually, I give myself three whole days before the test to begin reviewing. The first day of test preparation I study half of the content for the test. I basically just review the lessons and take note of all the important information. I also review the notes I write from what my teachers say while teaching the lesson. It is very important to write that information because some of that information might be on the test. The second day I review the second half of the content. When reviewing the content I tend to pick the most important information and review that mostly. Or I review the information that my teachers puts a ton of emphasis on. The third day I make flashcards on quizlet or by hand and I test myself to see if I know a majority of the information. When I am studying for math class on the third day I usually complete review questions. This style works for me because it allows me to know the information each week and then once the test comes I have enough time to review rather than cramming in the information all last minute. Reviewing the new lesson information each night makes it easier during the final test review because the information isn't foreign. Making flashcards is like a mini test or final review before the day of the test. I believe that my style of studying works and can help others prepare for their test.

Jacob from New Jersey
High School Senior
Dumont High School