Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying is something that every student has to do. No matter what class you are in or what test you are taking, studying will always help. I have always looked at studying as the best way to prepare for a test or exam, but there are several way to go about doing it. I have always liked to gather my information and make it look nice and neat. For me, when my notes are nice and neat, it is easier for me to read over everything and really take it in. I have actually been home schooled my whole life and took online classes throughout high school. So for me personally, I worked out of Microsoft word a lot. I would always try to incorporate different colors, fonts, and shapes into my notes when typing them. Not only does this help make your notes more clear, but it is more enjoyable to look over than just black and white text. Back before I was in high school I used to always take the time to write out my notes since I wasn't really familiar with computers. So for the people that don't really use computers, it is still possible to use this technique. I would use different colored pens, pencils, and markers to make my notes very readable. I found that when I took the time to make my notes clear, the content I was writing seemed to stick better. Hopefully my idea of studying and note taking was interesting and unique, hopefully it will be of use to someone else.

Perry from Florida
High School Senior