Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A wise professor once told me that one must repeat a process eight times to learn it, and that principle is what has helped me study for standardized tests for years, most recently, the GRE.
This practice is most effective with the learning of words. When drilling my vocabulary, I write the word at the top of a blank page in my vocabulary notebook. Beneath it, I write the part of speech, and synonyms. Finally, I write eight sentences using the word in the context of my own life and relationships, as the relation of the word to people and events that I know will also assist in associating the word with my memory. Similarly, this trick can be used with mathematic formulas.
Have a lot of time before your test, repeat the process with the same words throughout your test prep. The more times, the more they'll stick, but eight times is the minimum.
Additionally, in the case of standardized tests or tests taken in a public format, it is helpful to study in similar conditions in which you will be testing. This includes the obvious public location, but also in what you are wearing and with a similar soundscape. These things will help your comfort level on the test site, and also help you relate the testing environment to the place and environment where you learned the information.
Smell is also an underrated sense in the test prep environment. When I study, I use a particular essential oil on my temples and wrists that I can apply before walking into the test, also to assist with the association of my prep and the big day.

Kata from New York
College Freshman
Columbia University