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In support of HIV/AIDS awareness

The stigma associated with the narrow-mindset of the people has a damaging effect on the mental well-being of individuals living with HIV, discrimination breaks their confidence,
our bitter shitty words make them sicker,
It's better to be tongue-tied rather being gassy.

Minimum emotional support and reassurance are needed to them. Let's wake up and sow a humanity seed in our minds first.

an effective response is needed to tackle the root cause of stigma and ensure services are inclusive and accessible.

by educating the people towards their behavioural change, we can bring back the rights they had lost and plucked off the fear that we have loaded in their head.

It's a big shame on us for carrying ignorance on our shoulders.
Dying because of HIV is better than dying with ignorance.

Shruthi from Missouri
College Freshman
University of missouri Kansas city