Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking tests isn’t just about reading and memorizing things. For me I have several things that I do to prepare for tests. My personal test prep combination has worked for me and helped me tackle school exams and college entrance tests without stressing myself.
First thing I make sure is that I am prepared by studying the material given over a span of time. Cramming the night before a test doesn’t work for me. When you cram you aren’t really learning. You are only memorizing and won’t be able to draw back on the knowledge in the future. Your mind doesn’t really grasp what you are studying. When I take the time to go over my work several times, I have more confidence in what I am doing.
Restless nights equal uncertainty when testing. I try to get to bed early so I have a clear head when taking a test. A tired mind cannot focus or think straight. A minimum of six hours works best for me. I wake up refreshed and ready to test without dragging to class. A rested mind can think straight and hold concentration longer.
A good nutritious meal is vital to test taking. Hunger can be a distraction from the task at hand. I make sure I eat a good breakfast before I leave for the day. Protein keeps me energized and alert. Some people will do energy drinks for a boost in the morning, but I found that those give you artificial energy that will crash and burn midday. A good old-fashioned breakfast was always recommended in the robocalls by our school district. My parents always made sure I had a healthy breakfast before I left for school. I would always hear, “an empty stomach makes an empty mind” as I walked in the kitchen.
If I find myself getting nervous before or during a test, I take deep breaths and close my eyes. I find that this relieves tension and brings me back to focus on the task at hand. Rubbing my temples helps to relieve tension if I feel a headache coming on. Stress about getting into college or passing a class can make you so tense.

Zipporah from North Carolina
High School Senior
Eastern Guilford High School