Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always found that one of the easiest ways to prepare for a test is to actually pay attention during class. This is easier to do, of course, if the subject matter at hand is something that I find fairly interesting. I have always been blessed with a pretty good memory. I also, quite often, volunteer to read out loud in class while we are studying the subject, if there is reading to be done and I'm sure this helps to cement the material in my mind, as well.
Then, when actually studying for the test having a study guide is key, whether it's something that the teacher passes out or if it's the review at the end of a chapter in the textbook. I then bring the study guide or book home and my parents start quizzing me with the questions. They can usually tell when I know the answer to a question for certain, even if the study guide doesn't have answers with it or they don't already know it. If I hesitate or guess they make me look it up in the book. I write all the correct answers, once I find them, on the study guide until I have all of them correct. That's when the fun part (well as fun as studying can be) comes in, where my parents quiz me until I have memorized all the answers, backwards and forwards, mixed up or in a row so it doesn't matter where a question pops up on the test. I know it in and out of context. This method works pretty well for me and my parents like it too, because many times they get to learn something new as well!

Max from Arizona
High School Senior
Saguaro High School