Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for a test must be one of the most difficult parts of school. It can be difficult to remember the material and understand what to study. If anyone feels stressed or discouraged about an approaching test and needs some guidance preparing for the test, consider using these simple tips. First off, always pay attention in class. That is where all the information is given and no matter how it’s taught listen carefully and take notes. After words,make sure that you go home and study what was taught in class. In order to insure that you are familiar with the test material, always make plans to study in advance. Giving your brain enough time to process all the information will allow you to be more confident and familiar with the information. Avoid procrastinating, as you brain will only intake little information. If it helps, make a graph. Break it down in parts and in each section make sure to incorporate important information.
If you were given homework,always do it. It’s very important to practice what you were taught. It helps your brain and yourself to be more confident so once you go and take a test you go in already knowing what to expect. If you are having trouble understanding the homework or the content that was taught,ask help from your teacher or you fellow students. There is always someone there to help. Don’t just hope for the best, you might think you will have a lot of luck but that is just risking for a low grade.
I have always done these simple steps and they have never failed. Making graphs has been a great and fun way to study for a test, it takes up a bit more time but the information will for sure be stuck in your head. Doing homework is also the best way to further understand the content. Thus,try to follow these easy steps and you will for sure get a good grade.

Corinne from Texas
High School Senior
Wagner high school