Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I do lots to prepare for tests, some of the ideas I got from friends, and some of them I came up with myself. First, I start studying two or three weeks in advance, that helps me ensure I have enough time to review everything that will be on the test or exam. Second, I color code each lesson or unit that will be on the test or exam. Third, I make sure I have all of my notes, homework, and worksheets for that unit or lesson completed. When I study, I usually chew some mint gum, it really helps me concentrate. Different people have told me that if I chew a different flavor for each unit it would help, but I tried that and it did not help at all. The reason I color code all my units is that it helps me Stay organized while I am studying, and it also helps me keep all of my notes and things in one place. another thing I do to study for tests and exams, is that I turn off my phone and keep it in my room so that I don't become distracted by it because I get distracted while doing homework very easily. A few days before the test I make sure I start going to be early so that I definitely get enough sleep. the day of the test I make sure I eat a good breakfast and I have all the materials I need to do good on whatever test or exam I have!

Anna from Arizona
High School Senior
Catalina Foothills High School