Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparation Is the Key
Test preparation is necessary in order to prepare for any and all types of test. I believe that preparation is required for whatever task you are preparing for. I believe that I have improved my routine since I have been in junior high school and I believe it has help me to become a better test taker, who feels confident about the material without having test stress anxiety.
My routine is to read my material first to become familiar with the materials. By doing this it allows me to have a visual with the material so that I can link it to important information that is within the text. Then, I go back and make notes and/or note cards or highlight the main points of the reading. This step gives me that opportunity to pick out the main ideas and highlight them. Once this is completed, I reread my notes and get them prepared and organized so that I can make a Quizlet study set. My final step is to make my Quizlet study guide.
To me Quizlet is the most important part of preparing me for test. It allows me to reread and type put out all the information that I have read and put into the following three different forms flash cards, fill in the blank, and a test. I like the flash cards because I do not need a person to quiz me and I keep doing the flash cards as until I get them all correct or the ones that I missed I will compose a pile that I need to revisit. I then move on the fill in the blank once I am comfortable with the flash cards. This gives me the opportunity to write down the answers and it enables me to link my keep words and context clues together to get my answer. Usually at this point I am pretty confident in the material and I can move on to the final part of my Quizlet, which is the test part. The test is part allows me to mentally prepare for taking the actual test. During this process I can actually do some breathing exercises so that I will be calm and relax while I am taking my Quizlet test. This test is very helpful because I picture myself taking my actual test and it prepares me by taking the nervous edge off.
In short, I believe that preparing to take any test is half the battle. By preparing you allowing yourself the time and energy that is require for you to do your best and it also decrease your test anxiety so that you will feel good when it is all over.

Andrea from South Carolina
High School Senior
Spartanburg High School