Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To study for tests, I start out by taking notes in class with colorful pens and highlighters. I try to divide my notes up into sections or categories to break it up on my page. When it comes time to study for a test, I like to review my notes and then rewrite them several times until I feel like I have done an adequate job reviewing them. From there, I will go to quizlet.com and make some flashcards, but I do it in a specific way that helps me to learn. I will make up a question that I think could be asked on the test (based on the lecture or my notes) and type it into the quizlet.com template. Then, I see if I can remember the answer based on the reviewing process I have just described. If I do not know the answer, I will look it up, and then type it in. I do this with as many questions as I can think of, and then finish creating the flashcards. I love quizlet.com because it has a lot of options for studying flashcards that I have made. I can play games or do matching, or even fill in the blank. Quizlet.com also illuminates flashcards as it sees that I have learned the answer, so that at the end of my studying, I am only working on a very small amount of questions. This is my preferred method of studying. It takes awhile but it is very effective.

Lydia from Louisiana
College Sophomore
Louisiana Tech Uniersity