Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way I prepare for my test is usually I look through any notes that I have taken throughout the lessons that I have learned. I try to give myself an overview of what I learned and it refreshes my brain on things that I forgot about. I tend to give myself a few days to review my notes or any of my teachers give out a study guide then I use it to my advantage. After I have done reviewing or doing my study guide then I start to go in-depth and study for my tests. I give myself a few days to study and I prefer to study at night because when by the next day it's still fresh in my mind. When I study I give myself about two to three hours to study or until I am confident about what I have learned. I use other resources such as Quizlet and I create flashcards to help me memorize certain topics during the lesson like vocabulary. Sometimes my teacher has days where we have study halls and we have the opportunity to study during class or ask any questions. I use this to my advantage to help me with the upcoming test. I use my friends to question each other and on some occasions, I ask the teacher for questions to get a better understanding. The night before the test I spend at least a few hours to study and this helps me to prepare myself and it makes me sure that I know the material. While I study I like to listen to music and this helps me focus on studying and sometimes I use the beats to the music and the study guide to help me memorize for my test. These are the ways that help me prepare for my tests and it may not work for everyone, but this tends to be my best way of preparing for a test.

Andrew from California
High School Senior
Channel Islands High School