Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have been a life long test struggler! I am able to go through the course and understand the coursework to the fullest extent, however, I struggle with taking tests. Seeing that high school and college have tests with higher stakes I decided to develop methods that were effective and less stressful. The first thing I do is review all papers the teachers have handed back for that section/chapter to review the problems and questions I struggled with as well as going over the ones I got right. This practice helps to refresh the information and get a solid foundation on the coursework before moving on further. Next, I like to run through the review packet the first time not using any hints or answers, this provides a similar circumstance as to what the test is going to be like. After completing the review I use the answer key or classmates to check my answers and ask questions about the problems. This is very similar to the benefits of going over old classwork. Finally, I strategize my strengths for the test and write a list of things I need to work on and remember. This list allows me to memorize acronyms such as "dftp" meaning don't forget the positive, to help me remember things I would ordinarily forget. I will admit I am not the best test taker but these practices have definitely helped me study harder and achieve grades more reflective of my academic status.

Lexi from New Mexico
High School Senior
Los Alamos High School