Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The number one way I study for tests is by listening to content and taking notes. The trick is that you have to take notes the way that work best for you. Whether this is cornell notes, bullet styled, numbered notes, or simply a header and definition after, each type will comit the content to memory as you write it down. The more creative you get with your notes the better too because certain colors or drawings will help you remember things quicker and better. Using highlighters, pens, sparkly pens, or markers all help.

When taking notes specifically coming up with acronyms are useful when having to remember long definitions. The quirkier or weirder the better as it stays in your long term memory. It’s the same concept as memorizing PEMDAS as “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.” No one ever forgets this because of the saying that goes along with it. Having the freedom to create your own also inspires creativity which helps you during a test. This causes you to relax while under stress.

Lastly I recommend finding fun videos to explain what you’re trying to learn. In school the structured content can be overwhelming and not make sense. When you hear it explained by someone else this can make things click in your brain. Crash courses, PBS videos, Khan Academy, CPG Grey, and other channels like Minute Physics on YouTube are all engaging videos. They combine fun and learning that you will not even realize the knowledge gained from them. Sometimes a teachers, as good as they are, just do not explain things in a way high school students understand. YouTube is then a great option for success.

These three ways of test preparing are the ways I have done well in classes. Taking notes makes me write down facts multiple times so I will jot forget. Using colors causes an association to be made between content and color. If I remember a color I can more easily remember what I forgot. Then watching videos makes me feel like I’m simply watching tv. all these are how I survive.

Adrianna from Oregon
High School Senior
Liberty High School