Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The greatest test preparation is placing yourself in a quiet room with at least a window nearby and putting yourself in the ultimate testing conditions to train yourself on how to not only pace yourself but to build up endurance. Having a window nearby provides enough of a distraction so your brain doesn't get burnt out from all the material. You must do practice questions at least once a week to not only familiarize yourself with the material but to learn the hidden tips and tricks that go along with each question asked. After I had taken each test I would go back and check my answers and for each answer wrong I would find out what I did wrong and learn from that so I could better prepare myself so that the next time I had a question that was like that or similar I would know how to answer it by learning from my mistakes. These test preparations worked for me because each time I go to take, I feel so prepared and I'm not nervous one bit. I am genuinely excited to crank out each test because I have emulated the testing environment and by doing all the practice questions and practice tests I am familiar with just how a real test would be. Every question I come upon I know I have an abundance of testing strategies for each type of question that will be asked which therefore I know how to answer them. Practicing pacing and timing also help me not dwell on a question and lose my focus.

Alexis from California
High School Senior
Ventura High School