Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have learned a lot throughout my high school career. One of the things I have learned is the do's and don'ts of test prep. I have figured out that different things work for different people. I used to use flash cards and sometimes still do. The thing that works best for me is using multiple senses when studying. First of all you must read the material and take notes. Whether the notes are on flash cards, notebook paper or highlighted, underlined, etc, it is important to emphasize the theme or core idea of each concept. Writing is one way to use your senses to study. When you write you are going through the physical motions of writing and this uses the sense of touch. At the same time you are using your eyes to process the material. Reading the notes out loud uses the sense of hearing or sound to access an even different area of your brain. The key to successful studying is to use as many senses as possible so that the information is imprinted on the learning centers of the brain. So to recap, the most effective study techniques for me include: seeing the material, feeling the pen/pencil as it conveys the key concepts, hearing the words as you read the material out loud. The three of these things together along with repetition will achieve the best outcome in most cases. Like I said, everyone is different and some people also need background music/noise while studying or complete silence but the important take away is to do what works best for you!

Kathryn from Georgia
High School Senior
Savannah Arts Academy