Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My holy-grail study method is always to check for crash course or other similar types of videos available for the class I’m studying for. I use online practice tests to help narrow down which topics to focus on, then search for videos on the topic. For me, the combination of hearing it said while seeing it demonstrated with visuals is extremely helpful and sticks in my head better than information I get from just reading a textbook. I can rewind as many times as I want, letting me learn at my own pace without worrying about slowing anyone else down. It’s always best for me to pair these videos with practice questions so I can work topic by topic, hearing the instruction, seeing the demonstration, and trying it for myself. It gets me used to different question wording so I'm not caught off guard during the big test.
For classes that don’t have videos, I like to buy a cheap study book and work with a friend to make it more enjoyable and feel less like I’m barricading myself away for hours. We quiz and explain topics to each other to really be sure we know what we're doing.
I find that using these two methods is the best way for me to prepare for a test without going crazy from boredom by just reading textbooks and notes by myself.

Emma from Florida
High School Senior
Middleton High School