Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for exams can be difficult. Especially finding a studying technique that works best for you. My study techniques have allowed me to succeed in school and get accepted into a nursing school. One way I study is taking notes with different colored writing. Writing information down is a great way to retain information. Also, writing your notes in one color and any important information (like definitions, etc.) in another color is proven to help you remember it. I write my notes in many different colors to make taking notes fun and to remember important information from that class. A second way I study are flash cards. Just like taking notes, writing down the information again can help you remember. Also, you can continuously go over flashcards and separate the cards you got wrong, what you somewhat remembered, and what you got correct. I find this study strategy to be most successful for me. If I do not feel like writing down many flash cards, I use the website "Quizlet.com" and you can type out flash cards. It also has games you can play to retain information and make studying more exciting. Lastly, studying with others is extremely helpful. That way, you can ask questions with anything you are confused over, can go over information together, and everyone can share how they remember information. For an example, if you have to remember the way blood flows through the heart, your study group can think of a funny acronym to remember.

Studying is never fun for anyone. However, when you use the techniques that are best for you, you will feel more confident as your test date gets closer. These study techniques are extremely helpful to help remember important information for an upcoming test.

Lian from Michigan
College Sophomore
Chamberlain University