Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing is a struggle for a majority of students throughout the United States, including myself. I was not born to be a naturally good test taker, and I realized that in my junior high years. I understood while finishing up my eighth grade year that I needed to make a change to be able to succeed in highschool and college. School has always been a top priority of mine so I focused on what strategies worked best for me to do well on tests. Over the years, through trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that note taking and visual aids help me succeed on test.

Throughout high school, I have become a fairly good note taker, so taking notes is something that I prefer to do. In my notes, I create an outline that I can easily understand when studying over them. As I listen to a presentation, I write down topics and subtopics while jotting down details about each. Then, I highlight the material emphasized by the teacher. By my notes being clear and color-coated, I can easily find main subjects, specific dates, and points of emphasis. Also, in my notes I abbreviate as much as I can or use shorthand so that I do not miss anything the lecturer presents. Although, I only do this when I know that later I will fully understand what I wrote down. Studying is easier, quicker, and more beneficial when I know where to find things and clearly understand my notes.

The next best study skill for me is using visual aids. These visual aids can be prezis, slideshows, or posters. Visual aids help me remember material by associating the terms with the colors and/or pictures on the slide. But these types of visual aids only help me if they are colorful and creative. If the visuals lack creativity and appear bland, I do not soak up the material as well. When I take tests and am not sure about a question I try to picture what I saw when the term was first introduced on a visual aid.

I have nailed it down to these two strategies that I will continue to use in college and life.

Jordan from Michigan
High School Senior
Lansing Catholic High School