Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices are rather simple, I think the only way to reduce stress and to completely understand the content I need for the exam is by trying to relax and just taking a broader approach to the content that will be on the exam. I typically study for around four hours the night before the exam, and then lightly the next morning before. I always try to clear my head as much as possible on the day of the exam. Immediately before the exam, I tend to take a few minutes to completely breath and just convince myself that I know the content that will be on the exam, this helps to relieve any anxiety or jitters that I may get during the exam. Sometimes, if that doesn't entirely work, I take a few minutes and a blank piece of paper. I then just write as much as I can about the content on the exam, all the facts and little details that come to mind, this helps me jog my memory and understand the content better. I used to always struggle with anxiety before the test, so taking that approach has helped me completely calm down, stressing less is extremely crucial because too much and I will be unable to perform on the test. Ultimately, I feel like reducing stress and potential anxiety before an exam is the most important, sure, knowing the content is very valuable and that is why studying the day before is also critical. Take for example, if I am really stressed on the exam and I come across a question that I am completely clueless on, it will simply lead me to stress more and I will be unable to figure it out. Yet, if I am calm, I can use the process of elimination, this will for sure lead me to the correct answer. My methods work because a clear head is the most important factor in determining whether I can be successful on a test or not.

Wyatt from Oregon
College Freshman
University of Oregon