Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Going into college I had no idea how to study. I taught myself and what that meant was to keep trying new ways until I found the ways that worked best and allowed me to learn the most. I have found that different ways works better for different subjects.
Math was a subject that was the most difficult for me to learn how to study. The phrase that every sports coach uses "practice makes perfect" rings especially true for math. I had to learn that practice does not mean just knowing how to do a certain type of problem or just knowing how to do the examples worked in class. It means to practice a process. When you learn thing in math you learn a process that works for every problem. You just have to figure out the order and practice it. As I work a problem I say what I am doing, After I'm done I write all the steps I did to find the answer and I then apply these steps to other problems. Its a process and no step can be skipped; If you did it using a calculator or mental arithmetic it needs to be written down in order. For math you have to figure out the process and practice it with different problems.
Chemistry is another challenging subject I had trouble with finding ways that worked. I actually tested this method out. Our teacher told us our lowest grade would be dropped so I tried two ways. The first way I studied I got an A. The second way I got a C. For the first test I read the chapter and made a study guide prior to walking into any lectures. It was like a bullet point list that basically pin pointed the important points in our textbook and as he lectured I wrote down what he said under the corresponding bullet point. After each class until the day of the test I would read that list. For the test I got a C on I didn't make a list. I did the generic take notes as my professor lectures strategy. I read that each night until the day of the test and I got a C. Additionally, for the mathematics in chemistry I take the same approach as I do my normal math class.

Haley from Louisiana
College Freshman
University of Louisiana Lafayette