Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing for a test of some sort, I always do certain things that help me study and prepare. For every question that I may or may not have to answer, I write the question on one side of an index card and the answer on the other. Most of the time, I ask one of my family members if they will help me study. If the list of questions is fairly lengthy or I do not have someone to help, I will go on the site Quizlet. The site provides different ways to study, including flashcards. It saves a bit more time but is almost as effective for me as physically writing the study questions down. There are a few reasons flashcards help me over other options. With flashcards, it is easy to concentrate on the question, instead of trying to pick it out of a list of notes. The act of writing the cards helps me remember also. Even though this type of test preparation may take a bit of time, for me it is truly helpful and beneficial.

Britain from Louisiana
High School Senior
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