Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In test preparation there are good practices and bad ones and as humans I believe we take part in both. With that being said I will noe make mention of the exam preparation practices which I hold in high esteem.
Firstly I must mention that time management is just as detrimental to examination success as studying. This is because the skill on question allows us humans to implicate time slots to distribute our attentional evenly or based on need to all our subjects. Hence I make a timetable planning every hour of my day from the time I wake up to the time I lay my head to rest. This allows me to get a visual representation of what will happen with my day and also instills discipline in me to get the job done. Time management also minimizes the time wasted amd converts that time into constructively utilized time.
Secondly to be brought to the fore front is that just as "Home is where the heart is" "Studying is where the books are" so I carry my books everywhere. This is just in case a lag occurs in the activities I need to complete I can quickly adjust myself to have a minnie study session with myself. This works efficiently because dire times call for dire measure so to ensure that I am prepared for my big exams I transport my books everywhere so where I am is where my books are. This however is not chosen in a lackluster fashion it is chosen based on which subject I need most work in.
Coming down to exams there os also another technique I like to put into practice. This is called the "Examination Fast" which means that I refrain from entertaining or attendong any parties, get togethers or public gatherings within 2 months of my examination period. The Examination Fast allows me to engage all my time and energy into studying. It also allows me the ease of planning as I no longer have to plan my study time around social gatherings but I can utilize my whole day. I also instate an "Academic Sabbatical" where I remove all social media to negate any distractions.

Kylissa from New Jersey
High School Senior
Holy Faith Convent