Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to taking a test I feel that I have prepared well under control. For me, I will begin preparing a least a week in advance. When I prepare I will review any and all notes that were taken during the unit our trimester. I also will look over all of the in-class assignments and homework. If time allows I will even quiz myself on the homework to see if I still understand the material. Once I have reviewed everything at least twice I will then make sure anything else that has to be done for the class is done. After all of my classwork, homework, and anything else is completed I will begin to mentally prepare for the test. I will make sure that I get at least two nights of good sleep. Then the day of the test I will wake up and make sure I have a good breakfast. I will be sure to arrive to class early and do one last check over my notes. Then just before the class begins I will put everything away and mentally prepare for my test. Those are the ways I prepare for taking a test. I feel that because of my test preparation practices I do very well on tests and it shows with my grades and standardized test scores.

Kevin from Minnesota
High School Senior
John F. Kennedy Senior High