Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I personally like to study because I see it as a challenge. There is not an exact way to study but there are tons of different methods that one can try. It’s all about what fits for the person studying. When difficult test are coming up and one realizes they are having trouble trying to comprehend the material, the smart thing to do is go to teacher who is teaching the material. There is never anything wrong with asking for help directly from the source. This demonstraits that one is trying their best to learn the material. Also it’s good to develop a relationship with the teacher because they may give tips on how to better memorize/ learn their subjects.

Another great tool to use are studying applications that once can download. For example apps that make flashcards and games out of the subject matter. This creates a hands on for those who can’t simple sit still. Also the old fashion writing hand notes and different color highlighting is great for studying.

I personally use all of these methods when I study and they have worked wonders for me. I always ask for help and not I’m shy about it because it does help me in the long run. I also have received better test grades from the one on one help since I am able to ask all the questions that I have and sometimes I have recieved tips on better ways to memorize the material. I also enjoy using the flashcards on my devices and playing the learning games since I do get bored and it keeps me entertained. Additionally I like writing notes and highlighting, especially when I am able to use colorful pens and highlighters.

Emily from Louisiana
High School Senior
Cabrini Highschool