Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

What I have learned thru out my high school years and have b brought with my to college is that prepping for test is really important. Test taking can be stressful even when you know the content. Its something about being put on the spot that freaks you out. One thing I like to do fro classes that have a lot of vocabulary is, one week before I write all the words down on a flash card and in my free time read them out and repeat it. This method is also good with formulas. Another thing you can do with formulas is write them over and over again. This helps me remember the structure of it. For math I like to go and find practice problems, work them out and check my answers. If I get them wrong I would got beck through and see what I did wrong. This helps me the most in math because, math is not my strong suit. Another thing that will help is seeking other people. Find someone who has taken the course or test already or maybe someone who is taking it with you but, you know that are good at it and ask them for their help. One big tip is never try and wait until the last minute to study thinking you are going to remember it. Also go back and look through your notes after you get out of a class, you will remember the items better. The last thing I would say is try other ways. Using a way you are familiar with is good, but it is always good to try new things. You never know how useful they can be to you. These practices have helped me to take exams, SAT and ACT. They have also helped me to become better at remembering things. Good luck on all your test.

Corin from South Carolina
College Freshman
University of South Carolina-Aiken