Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When studying for a test it is crucial to get the basic things done first. You need to know what you will be tested on and what to expect. You have to go to the lectures to at least get a chance of learning it first. I go to every class and lectures, and take notes on the materials. I also go to all help sessions or schedule office hours held by either professors or TAs when I feel the need for them. Going to the help sessions even when I don't have any questions just to listen to them explainning to other students is helpful, but of course go to them when you have enough time. I will try to get a good picture of what the exam will be consisting of by asking the professor if he can inform me and then I review slides or notes when studying. I usually study with a group of friends, we go over everything we learned in class and share our knowledge or ideas because more people means more perspectives. It does take us quite some time to finish this part but I think its worth it. We take little breaks in between and chat for a few minutes or have something to eat or drink to keep both physically and mentally healthy and ready. We try to finish everything on a meeting or if we feel tired or time ran out we set another time to meet up before the exam and finish going over the things as much as possible. I always make a summary of the materials that we learned and write them down to better memorize and understand them. Finally, I quiz myself to get the feeling of what it may be like during the exam, that means no cheating and not open-book. Then, it is very important to correct any mistakes that I made and highlight them in my summary of knowledge. What's more, I like to teach others the things that I know and I don't think it wastes time because teaching will make me understand them and memorize them better as well.

Haopeng from Georgia
College Junior
University of Georgia