Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I have a very well developed test preparation practice. When I know I have an exam coming up I will usually hold off studying until two days or three days before the test to insure that I give myself plenty of time to study the material in small chunks rather than one large chunk. I go online and search up quizzes and small tests and take them to see where I am. I recommend Khan academy because they tell you exactly where you are and what you’re missing. After I testing I go on YouTube and search up what I need more practice on to understand the topic better. I repeat the cycle two more times and if it ends up good or bad it is what it is. The following day I check in with the teacher and ask questions regarding my confusion point and if I can’t clarify it right away I will find another resource such as a fellow pupil who understands the particular subject. Once I get home from school I return online and take the tests again (I try to find a different one to prevent getting the same questions) and I normally get a better mark then the previous day. I continue the cycle as the day before and I try not to take to long, no longer than 2 hours to prevent my brain from receiving information overload. The following day when I see my friends I give them a crash course on the subject and me teaching them reinforces what I’ve learned the previous days which only helps me and them on our exam. This strategy is most effective in Mathematic and Social Studies courses as it is mostly a memorization and application based strategy but it theoretically could work for other courses. This strategy really helped me most in my Algebra classes because I was applying what I have learned in class outside of class, in online practices and with my peers and I found it to be a very efficient strategy because it doesn’t take a lot of time and it doesn’t take a lot of thinking power which eases stress. For those whom I’ve helped, I’m proud to say it has generally helped them pass.

Dylan from Texas
High School Senior
The Colony High School