Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a student with low test anxiety, but with poor concentration and ADHD-related challenges, my best test preparation practices must be flexible to whatever capacity I have for sitting still and focusing on the current task. On days where I feel antsy or restless, I study through various phone apps. Game-ified versions of test prep allow me to study in short bursts. For those without focus issues, these apps could prove useful while waiting for your Uber to arrive, or any small snippet of time where you would be unoccupied. For days where I have set aside long periods of time to study, I bring a group of friends as accountability partners. Having people to help me study, and to supervise me if I choose to stray away from the current task, helps achieve whatever goal I have set for the day. After a long day of studying, we can then reward ourselves with dinner and drinks. Sometimes, studying can even carry on through the reward activities, but find itself reinvented in a fun manner. Applying for scholarships and researching college programs can be fun if done together during Taco Tuesday.

Regarding the night before Test Day and the morning of, it is crucial to sleep well, reduce anxiety, and show up early. I always set an alarm to wake up, remember my ADHD prescription, eat a light, yet nutritious breakfast, and drink two glasses of water. Before the test, I drink more water, and make sure to take a bathroom break.

As a non-traditional student, tests give me significantly less anxiety than I had in high school. Growing and maturing past the teenage years allows you to realize that your entire future does not revolve around one test, and you can always retake the test afterwards if you do not like your first score.

I do not enter a test with expectations on my score. I simply try my best and try to be proud of myself for my accomplishment, which involves studying, researching, staying healthy, and completing the test on time and as instructed.

Danielle from Kansas
College Freshman
Maryland Institute College of Art