Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years my preparation for tests have changed using the method of trial and error. By senior year I have become comfortable with how i prepare for tests and find my test scores to be successful. My test prep starts a week before the actual test where i start getting my notes together and organized. Each day following i spend about an hour just going over my notes, doing some practice question, and going on Khan Academy (a really great source for any subject). About a day before a test, I like to make a quizlet, which is an app that helps me make note cards to make my own quizzes and games to test my knowledge. However, i do not use this method for math tests. For math tests i just continue to do practice questions on paper. I have found that using colored pens is very helpful when studying and i also like to study independently rather than with others because i get more done. My method of test preparation is not anything special, just repetition until i fully understand what I’m studying.

Alexis from California
High School Senior
Warren High School