Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing is an unavoidable measurement of knowledge on a specific subject. Going through AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Spanish, AP English, and other difficult courses, I have found several vital test preparation skills that have helped me preform well. The primary answer is study; however, how does an individual study effectively? I primarily read the material either from a textbook or from notes I have taken in class. It is essential to pay attention in class and write notes to remember the material taught. If I feel my notes are unclear or lacking, I read from a class textbook or material from an online reliable source. I then begin repetitive habits to let the information set in to my memory. Such habits have included flash cards, creating a rhyme or story with the material, or categorizing information based on type or chronologically. I prefer rhyming or making a story in my head based off the material because this makes study more enjoyable for me which helps me remember. The key to remembering information is setting apart time everyday to repetitively drill the material into your head. Adequate sleep, hydration, and nutrition is also essential to have a functional brain to focus and retain the information you are feeding it. When studying and preparing for an exam, I function best with eight hours of sleep each night and a minimum of three to four water bottles each day.

Elizabeth from Utah
High School Senior
Mountain View High School