Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Engineering courses have grueling tests which require equally tough study habits and support. I marathon my solo test prep, working steadily for hours on end for a single afternoon or evening. I start by tossing my textbook, class notes, homework, 2 pencils, and a stack of blank paper into my backpack and hefting it to the classroom where I will eventually take my test. I have found that studying in the testing room keeps me from stressing too much on the day of the exam because I am used to the environment and the context of testing there.
Once I empty my backpack and spread out my supplies, I start on my class notes. In engineering classes, professors often go through theory and then apply it to practice problems. I copy all the problems onto my blank sheets, and attempt to solve them all on my own. If necessary I consult the professor's solution, and highlight any further questions I have, saving them for office hours.
At this point, I take a break by turning on Eye of the Tiger, or a similarly inspirational song, and dance around a bit. Revved up and ready to finish my marathon, I go through my homework and fix any problems that I did incorrectly. Again I highlight what I can't understand on my own and then move on to the text book. I go through five problems from the book and highlight what I can't understand. My marathon has ended and it is time to recover with some soft serve ice cream at the dining hall.
A few days later, I consult with my friends from the class and resolve issues that I had and points of confusion that they have. We then go through class work and textbook questions together. If we can't hack a question together, we go to the professor and get the matter straight. At this point I feel pretty confident and prepared.
As a final reassurance and refresher on the day of the test, I write down key concepts and equations on a single summary sheet. In the few moments before tests are passed out, I feverishly review my sheet. At last I'm ready.

Megan from Nevada
College Sophomore
Boston University