Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Getting ready for a test can be very nerve racketing at first, especially tests like the ACT. Tests like these are what often determine things like scholarship awards and grades. This makes them even more scary in my opinion, but luckily over the last few years I have developed some tips and tricks to getting good grades and acing tests.
One of my biggest tips is to take notes in class! This is often over looked because if the inconvenience of doing it. Taking notes in class helps me retain information better. I recommend taking physical notes, but on a digital device would work too. This makes going back and studying a little easier. A little mini tip to pop in would be to piut your phone in a different room! we are often distracted by it so its good to juts put it away!
Another big tip I have is to pick up that textbook! In high school a lot of test questions are taken right from the book. I try to use this as an advantage! By picking up the text book and studying it can really improve test score for most classes! you can even take notes while reading the book to help you keep more information inside your head. This tip has helped tremendously raise my test scores!
Probably the best tip I have is having a designated space for studding at home. have a certain space that is only used for studying and doing homework can make everything a lot easier. Some people just hop right into their bed, and this is not effective. When we get into our beds are brain knows that place as a place of relaxing, so we cannot get into the homework mode. I recommend having a desk, because it forces you to focus on what you are doing.
These tips have helped me get an A on so many tests! I do not think that if did not do these things i could have passed my tests!

Kristen from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Perkins-Tryon High School